For Educators

"It brings another level of engagement and excitement for reading. My students loved the interactive experience."

— Suzy, Elementary School Teacher —

Engage the Entire Class

A multi-sensory reading experience connects with a variety of learning styles

Ignite Curiosity in Books

Demonstrate the infinite possibilities of a Story and spark a passion for reading

Bring New Life to Favorite stories

Transform a time-honored classroom medium into a new experience

Open a world of possibilities with Interactive Stories

Provide opportunities for language development and literacy engagement, enhancing the integration and analysis of knowledge and ideas from texts.

Audio interpretations of children’s books demonstrate how the arts are interconnected and encourage students to consider the multiple ways of approaching a single idea.

See It Work
1 min video

Six ways
to use Novel Effect
in your classroom

• Enhance storytime.
• Encourage technology use without distraction.
• Link home and school story connections.
• Provide motivating support for literacy learning.
• Sequence activities with sounds.
• Use music as a transition to storytime.

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Offer students with impairments an intuitive introduction to educational technology.

Expressive music and sound effects communicate stories to students with learning disabilities or visual and other impairments, exercising their listening and attention skills.

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