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The Tale of Peter Rabbit
By Beatrix Potter


Naughty Peter Rabbit ignores his mother’s warnings to stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden. What follows is Peter’s classic escape from the farmer and his rake. The soundscape quickens as the chase tightens and trills as Peter makes his final escape, leaving the old man grumbling and mumbling.

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Wolfie The Bunny
By Ame Dyckman


Her parents’ think the family’s new addition is just a carrot-loving pup, but Dot knows he’s waiting to wolf them all down. It's only in the face of trouble she learns ... dun, dun, duh ... who's the most ferocious of all. Join Dot and Wolfie as they discover the unexpected joys of siblings and family.

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The Cat in the Hat
By Dr. Seuss


If you ever get stuck on a wet, wet, wet day and know not what thing your friends should all play, pick up this tale of two kids with a fish, who grumpily warns them to mind what they wish. It’s already a classic, a book to behold, but our music and sounds boost it’s beauty tenfold.

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The Day the Crayons Quit
By Drew Daywalt


Living in a box is hard enough, but these crayons have plenty of problems. Blue is worn down, gray is exhausted, and beige— well, beige is beige. Duncan, their artist, hears out their complaints and seeks a solution. Read along as they scribble their struggles in this comedy of conflict resolution.

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Dream Animals
By Emily Winfield Martin


With astral chimes ringing, a group of children rest as their animal guides carry them across the night to faraway dream lands. Visit elfin hollows and mermaid meetings under the sea before returning quietly home. Close your eyes and discover what dream animals arrive to ferry you upon their backs.

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Harold and the Purple Crayon
By Crockett Johnson


From the moment Harold leaves the long straight path in favor of a shortcut, this timeless story declares itself both unexpected and beautiful. Let imagination take the lead as he creates each piece of his world. Gentle melodies carry you and Harold through calm, wonder, surprise, fear, and rest.

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Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
By Sherri Duskey Rinker


Revving and rumbling through the day, the tough trucks are all out of gas as the sun sets. Now they get to rest their wheels and build up their strength. Help your own little ones turn off their motors and ease their engines into a peaceful slumber with the soothing sounds of this bedtime story.

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The Little Shop of Monsters
By R.L. Stine


Written and illustrated by two monstrously talented children’s book icons, this frightfully funny picture book will get you and your kids screaming with laughter. Sounds help bring the creatures, like Sneezer and Bubble-Belly Billy, to life off the page, read along for a scary good time.

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By Ludwig Bemelmans


The sounds of Paris come alive as Miss Clavel guides her two straight lines through the City of Lights. They parade past puddles of rain and evening revelers at the Opera. But when Madeline becomes suddenly ill, she must show how even the smallest girl can be the strongest and most spirited of all.

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The Peace Book
By Todd Parr


With each colorful page, this book explores the many forms of peace using simple language and illustration. The playful pictures and repetitive narration is perfect to practice early reading skills. Charming melodies and goofy voices bring the book to life and ensure a peaceful, good time.

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The Way Back Home
By Oliver Jeffers


A boy’s plane sputters and dies as he crash-lands on the moon. He fears being alone and in the dark, until he meets a martian also stranded on the rock. Together they draft a plan to repair their ships and rescue each other, discovering that the strength of a true friendship is universal.

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The Wonderful Things You Will Be
By Emily Winfield Martin


Kind, creative, or clever, the potential for what children can be is boundless. They might become artists who paint with broad strokes, or they might become doctors who care for the sick. Whatever they become and however they grow, they will always be special, because they will always be loved.

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Where the Wild Things Are
By Maurice Sendak


Sent to bed without his supper, Max runs away to a land of Wild Things. But when his excitement dies down, Max discovers he misses home. The music mirrors Max’s emotions, bursting at times with energy and at others aching with regret. Ultimately, they both return to a place of peace and love.

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Wherever You Go
By Pat Zietlow Miller


Along city, snowy, and ocean-side roads, an adventurous rabbit tours the detailed pages of this artful book. He journeys through wondrous place and meets new friends along the way. Join him on his ride and discover what beautiful melodies lie around the bend.

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