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Goodnight Moon
By Margaret Wise Brown


A bunny in striped pajamas prepares to go to bed by reciting his list of goodnight wishes. The room gradually grows dimmer as he finishes his ceremony, and then everyone drifts off to sleep. Tuck your own little ones in with this classic bedtime book, and enjoy the gentle lullaby and rhymes.

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Where the Wild Things Are
By Maurice Sendak


Sent to bed without his supper, Max runs away to a land of Wild Things. But when his excitement dies down, Max discovers he misses home. The music mirrors Max's emotions, bursting at times with energy and at others aching with regret. Ultimately, they both return to a place of peace and love.

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Giraffes Can't Dance
By Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees


All the animals have gathered at the Jungle Dance to show off their groovy moves and you get to hear the music as you read aloud. The warthogs waltz and the lions tango, but Gerald the giraffe can't dance well. The others laugh at him until he discovers that the secret trick is to dance with what’s within.

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Llama, Llama, Red Pajama
By Anna Dewdney


Baby Llama loves his mama, and he cannot go to bed without her. Fearing that she won't return, he whimpers and pouts, and his tears pour out, unable to wait for her return. With music the enhances the intensity of Baby Llama's stresses, read aloud and practice patience together.

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Little Blue Truck
By Alice Schertle


Friendly Blue beeps hello to all the farm animals he meets, and they return the greeting. When a dump truck drives rudely and gets stuck in the mud, no one seems to hear his honking. A mix of country guitar and bright, cheery brass, the music follows this journey of friendship and being kind to everyone.

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Barnyard Dance
By Sandra Boynton


Get ready because it's time to bow to the cow and twirl with the pig. That's right! It's time for a barnyard dance with all your favorite farm animals! Feel the beat and get in the grove dancing along with animals in this lively story and bluegrass soundscape.

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The Cat In The Hat
By Dr. Seuss


If you ever get stuck on a wet, wet, wet day and know not what thing your friends should all play, pick up this tale of two kids with a fish, who grumpily warns them to mind what they wish. It’s already a classic, a book to behold, but our music and sounds boost its beauty threefold.

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Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
By Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld


Revving and rumbling throughout the day, the tough trucks of the construction site are all out of gas when the sun goes down. Now they get to rest their wheels. Help your own little ones turn off their motors and ease their engines into a peaceful slumber with this lulling soundscape.

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Pete the Cat - White Shoes
By James Dean and Eric Litwin


When a funky cat continuously steps in messes, his white shoes turn all sorts of other colors. But instead of losing his cool, Pete the Cat grooves on and demonstrates how an upbeat approach to life can overcome any daily disappointment. Sing along to Pete’s song as he hums his tune and loves his shoes.

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The Little Shop of Monsters
By R.L. Stine


Written and illustrated by two monstrously talented children’s book icons, this frightfully funny picture book will get you and your kids screaming with laughter. Sounds help bring the creatures, like Sneezer and Bubble-Belly Billy, to life off the page, read along for a scary good time.

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The Pout Pout Fish
By Deborah Diesen


Sulking about with drawn-out blubs, the pout-pout fish feels destined to live in constant gloom. An array of aquatic critters try to cheer him, but it takes something unexpected to turn his mood around. Dive into this book of sea sounds and playful rhymes for a lessons on coping with a mix of emotions.

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit
By Beatrix Potter


Naughty Peter Rabbit ignores his mother’s warnings to stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden. What follows is Peter’s classic escape from the farmer and his rake. The soundscape quickens as the chase tightens and trills as Peter makes his final escape, leaving the old man grumbling and mumbling.

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The Cow
By Robert Louis Stevenson


This descriptive, simple, and kid-friendly poem follows an amiable cow throughout her various daily strolls and tasks. Hear the lowing moos and the gentle pastoral sounds as your read aloud this poem from celebrated author Robert Louis Stevenson

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Gettysburg Address
By Abraham Lincoln


Experience this moment from America's History like you never have before. Abraham Lincoln's unifying speech from the hallowed Gettysburg battleground during the Civil War comes to life with stylistic music like that played during the original memorial.

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